A: Did you put this morning’s faxes on my desk? I’m waiting for some urgent faxes from headquarters, I’m pretty sure they came in last night.

B: Everything that came in the office fax machine last night is all on your desk, but I noticed that some of the faxes came through pretty blurred, maybe you take a look at them, if the copy is unreadable, I’ll call then and ask them to refax.


  1. some of 其中一些
  2. take a look at 看一下,浏览



A: 你把今天早上的传真放在我桌上了吗?我在等总部发来的紧急传真,我敢肯定他们昨晚收到了。

B: 昨天晚上办公室传真机送来的东西都在你的桌子上,但我注意到有些传真传来的很模糊,也许你看一下,如果复印件不可读,我会打电话让他们重新复印。

A: Yeah, you’re going to have to call them and get them to be refaxed. These copies are so dark. I can’t make out any of the words.

B: What about that one?

A: This one? This one is so light and I can barely read it. How can that be?

B: You know, I think the fax machine is out of toner. I can change the toner cartridge. That should solve the problem.


  1. make out 辨认出,看出
  2. What about 那么…怎么样
  3. How can that be 怎么会这样
  4. out of 超出…之外
  5. toner cartridge 碳粉盒
  6. solve the problem 解决问题



A: 是的,你得给他们打电话,让他们重发一遍。这些副本太黑了。我一个字也看不清。

B: 那个呢?

A: 这个?这一个很轻,我几乎看不出。怎么会这样?

B: 你知道,我想传真机的墨粉用完了。我可以换碳粉盒。这应该能解决问题。

A: Yes, but this one will have to be refaxed as well. And look, there are about 3 pages missing. It looks like the fax machine ate half of my important faxes, and the ones that made it through are so blurred or too light. They are unreadable.

B: I guess the fax machine is out of paper too. Don’t worry, I’ll have someone look at it this afternoon, and in the meantime, I’ll have your documents refaxed to our other fax machine.


  1. as well 也,还
  2. look at 看,考虑
  3. in the meantime 在这期间



A: 是的,但这个也得重新修一下。看,大概少了3页。传真机好像把我的重要传真都吃掉了一半,而且发过来的传真太模糊或太轻了。它们不可读。

B: 我想传真机也没纸了。别担心,今天下午我会叫人看的,同时,我会把你的文件重新打印到我们的另一台传真机上。