How to run a company-如何管理公司

If you want to run a company well, you should remember that there are four general policies to follow with employees.


First, pay them what they are worth. When people begin with your company, they are rarely worth what they are paid, because you are investing in their future productivity. You should pay people low at the start, with higher payments once they are established and productive.

首先,按照他们的价值来支付薪水。当员工开始在你的公司工作,很少会得到应 有的报酬,因为你投资他们的未来生产力。一开始你应付员工较低的薪水,但一 旦他们能力完善,而且富有成效,你就应该给他们涨薪水。

Second, you should make employees feel important. Build them positively and openly when praise is deserved. Temper this with negative motivation, pointing out where minor shortcomings are diluting the success that could be enjoyed. Avoid complacency by keeping employees slightly off-balance.


  1. off-balance 失去平衡



其次,你应该让员工觉得自己很重要。当他们的工作值得表扬,就要积极鼓励, 并不吝表扬。如果使用消极动力,无足轻重的错误也要挑出来,这样也冲淡了成 功的喜悦。稍稍保持员工不平衡,可以避免他们自满。

Third, make employees think for themselves. Sometimes by being nonspecific, you create an environment where employees adopt other ideas and learn how to apply them in the new situation.

第三,让员工自己思考。有时你不给于明确指令,可以创造一个环境,让员工接 纳其他想法,并且运用到新的环境中去。

Fourth, separate office life from social life. It is impossible to let your hair down with someone one night, and come down hard on them the next day.


  1. hair down 彻底放松;对某人坦诚,毫无保留
  2. come down hard on 严厉惩罚 强烈反对



第四,办公室和社交生活要明确分开。晚上和人轻松聊天,第二天白天对他严格 要求,这是不可能做到的。

You should also remember that if you have to fire employees, take a creative approach. Try to find a job for them somewhere else, and let the other company steal them away. However, if extreme action is called for, act decisively while respecting the feeling of the employee.

你要记住,如果要解雇员工,要采用创造性的方法。比如为他们在其他公司谋职, 然后让其他公司把他们挖去。但是,如果需要采取极端行动,在尊重员工感受的同时果断行动。

Never expect from your employees anything that you are not willing to do yourself. It’s more than a cliche—it’s sound business practice.


  1. more than 放在名词之前表示:不只是,不仅仅



绝不要期待你的员工去做你自己不愿做的工作。我知道这是老生常谈,但是的确 是良好的商业行为。