A: I’m really fed up with Harry! He’s the biggest airhead I’ve ever met. He always makes careless mistakes, and he’s a pain to work with.


  1. fed up with 受够了



A: 我真的受够了哈利!他是我见过的最大的笨蛋。他总是犯粗心的错误,和他一起工作很痛苦。

B: You couldn’t be so negative. You’ll always have some co-workers that are harder to work with than others. But if you are negative and start name-calling in the office, it will make a bad working environment for everybody.

B: 你不能这么消极。你总会有一些同事比其他人更难相处。但是如果你是消极的,开始在办公室里骂人,这会给每个人的工作环境带来不好的影响。

A: You only say that because you don’t have to work with him. The people in your department seem too capable and nice to be around. Take Mary for example. She’s smart and enthusiastic. I’ve never anyone as cheery as she is.


  1. Take … for example 1以…为例



A: 你这么说只是因为你不用和他一起工作。你部门的人看上去就很能干而去容易相处。以玛丽为例。她既聪明又热情。我从来没有见过像她这样快乐的人。

B: Everybody has their strengths and weaknesses. Even Larry. He might be a pain to be around, but he’s also very good at staying on budget on projects. Mary, on the other hand, spends our project money like there’s no tomorrow. Also, she’s never willing to stay a little later at the office. She always leaves at 5:00 pm sharp.


  1. willing to 愿意



B: 每个人都有自己的长处和短处。甚至拉里,与他相处可能很痛苦,但他也非常善于使项目保持在预算内。另一方面,玛丽却把我们的项目资金花得一文不值。而且,她从不愿意在办公室呆得晚一点。她总是在下午5点准时离开。

A: Isn’t there anyone in the office that is a perfect co-worker? What about Bob? Everybody loves Bob. Even though he’s fresh out of college and still a bit green, he is a great co-worker.

A: 办公室里没有一个人是完美的同事吗?鲍勃呢?人人都爱鲍勃。尽管他刚从大学毕业,还是有点年轻,但他是一个很好的同事。

B: You are right. He’s a hard worker, easy to get along with, honest, and he never steals the credit on projects. The only thing he’s lacking in is experience.

A: Maybe that’s why he’s so nice!

B: 你是对的。他工作努力,容易相处,诚实,从不在项目上偷工减料。他唯一缺乏的就是经验。

A: 也许这就是为什么他这么好!