A: How are things at the office lately?

B: Just awful. Two weeks ago, we got a new boss, and I can’t stand him. He is really unreasonable about our workload. Since he came, I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to breathe!

A: 最近办公室的情况怎么样?

B: 太可怕了。两周前,我们有了一个新老板,我受不了他。他对我们的工作量真的不合理。自从他来后,我一直忙得连呼吸的时间都没有!

A: That bad, huh? What about his personality? It’s a nice guy at least?

B: I should be so lucky. He not only gives us too much work, but he is also just plain to mean about it. He constantly yells at us or criticizes us. He is always degrading the employees.

A: 那么糟糕,是吗?他的个性呢?至少是个好人?

B: 我应该很幸运。他不仅给我们做了太多的工作,而且还很直截了当地说。他不断地对我们大喊大叫或批评我们。他总是贬低雇员。

A: What a terrible working environment! Have you tried to talk to anyone about it? Maybe the boss of your boss?

B: I was going to, but my boss guessed what I was thinking. He gave me so much work to do this afternoon that I didn’t get around to meeting with the supervisor of our department.

A: 多么糟糕的工作环境!你试过和任何人谈这个吗?也许是你老板的老板?

B: 我本来想去的,但老板猜到了我在想什么。今天下午他给了我很多工作要做,所以我没有抽出时间去见我们部门的主管。

A: It must be terrible. Why don’t you just quit?

B: If it wasn’t for the money, I would quit in a heartbeat. But the problem is, I can’t support myself if I don’t work.

A: Yeah. But a boss like that? To deal with him every day, you should get a raise!


  1. deal with 处理;应付;与…打交道;



A: 一定很可怕。你为什么不辞职呢?

B: 如果不是为了钱,我会马上辞职。但问题是,如果我不工作,我就不能养活自己。

A: 是啊。但是像这样的老板?每天和他打交道,你应该加薪!